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We strive to bring Visual Intelligence To Mobility. We solve the problems of the local community and society with AI and SLAM technologies while staying human-centered.

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Technology Insight

Building 3D point clouds on the motion

Scanner and camera fusion

Mesh can be generated with segmentation

Semantic SLAM for intelligent mobile robots

Latest updates

Spotlight 1

  • 3D mapping technology is a critical form of technology used to digitalize the real world into 3D, crucial in fast-growing industries such as smart construction, smart city, and digital twin.

  • Once digitalized, the 3D-space information can be analyzed accurately and utilized for multiple applications, including but not limited to 3D maps for autonomous driving robots, autonomous driving delivery, investigation of disaster-hit areas, infrastructure anomaly detection, AV/VR, metaverse, and meta city engine for games.

Spotlight 2

• Hesai Lidar XT32
• RGB cameras x3
• Weight: 1.7kg (battery not included)
• Scanning range: up to 120m
• Accuracy: +/-2cm
• Capable of collecting 600,000 points per second
• Measurement time: about 30 minutes
• Intel i7 CPU, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD

Spotlight 3

Intelligence to Mobility
• Real time SLAM
• Semantic SLAM
• Natural language AI powered self-driving robots

Visual Intelligence
• Semantic 3D modeling
• Intelligent 3D map DB
• Meta city builder

• 3D scanning products
• Intelligent & precise 3D map for autonomous driving robots
• VR/AR for real estate, constructions
• Metaverse, muti-media, intelligent robots solving human needs. 

Mobile Network Innovator to achieve quality mobile networks using AI powered optimization and 3D geolocation platform.

A solutioneer for intelligent robots and 3D meta world generation with AI and SLAM technologies.


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