We do Research and Services to Achieve Quality Mobile Networks

MOTiV Research co. was founded in 2011 to provide the quality optimization and the consulting services to the mobile network operators. MOTiV Research has extensive technical and management experiences and expertise in the various global vendors of mobile infrastructure. We have pride of engaging in the mobile network optimization and technical consultancy, which bring up the end user satisfaction and we are also committed to do research continually to extend the horizon of the optimization technology and analysis methodology.

The mobile network becomes a lot more complicated in 4G & 5G in terms of RF layers and also densified remarkably than ever before resulting in far beyond manual optimization. It requires involvement of machine assisted optimization to automate the optimization of complicated network via pattern recognition of multi-dimensional performance data quickly that human won’t be capable of doing the same works timely.

Our machine assisted optimization framework, which is called MOON, is our proposal to achieve the quality mobile network and we are making great efforts on Autonomous Optimization System where minimum human intervention is required.