Providing World Class Solutions
for LTE / 5G Network Performance Enhancement

Since 2011

MOON Closed Loop Optimization

Meet MOTiV’s Closed Loop Optimization Feature using Reinforcement Learning, MOON. MOON extensively supports mobile network operators to deliver an efficient and high-quality mobile network.

Our Services

We do research and provide top-notch services to achieve quality mobile networks.

Analytic Benchmarking

As a breakthrough, we use the LTE RF scanner to replace the UE as a test device for benchmarking. Furthermore, we can provide a detailed benchmarking report.

Design Consultancy

We provide network design consulting services or LTE and LTE+ mobile networks to achieve quality performances.


We use Geolocation of QoE based on UE's MR to enhance drive-less network quality and create a smart and evolutionary cost-saving optimization.

Our Superiority

Multi-Vendor Knowledge and Experiences

Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, and ZTE
Network design expertise for IoT and 5G Network

Machine-Assisted Automatic Optimization Framework

Analytic Benchmarking
ML (RL) based Closed Loop Optimization
Small cell design using Geolocation algorithm

Development of Machine Learning and AI

✓ Research on AI to solve optimization problems
✓ Image classification for fault detection