Available Jobs

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are expected to have theoretical knowledge of various machine learning algorithms related to supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. They should be familiar with machine learning programming using Tensorflow or Keras on python. They will perform data mining and process mobile network data such as drive test and network KPI, and organize findings to shape reliable outcomes. Good communication and presentation skills are required as engineers assist customers.

  • Over three years of data processing and mining
  • Bachelors or higher degree in computer science or electrical engineering
  • Suitable knowledge of python and at least 1~2 years of programming experience
  • Knowledge of SQL, C# or Java is a plus

MOON Developer

The candidate will work for the MOON (MOtiv’s Optimization of Network) project which aims for improving mobile network performance and quality via network configuration data, big data, machine learning, etc. The current MOON system is running on window server environments, however, the candidate will work on transforming the platform to Linux basis. The candidate will contribute and lead the development of a semi-big data platform for data analysis and solution automation.

  • Graduated computer science or related major
  • Familiar with Linux development environment
  • 3 year+ experience of Programming (Java, Phython, Perl, HTML5)
  • 2 year+ experience of big data platform using Hadoop, Hive, Spark and RDBM
  • Data mining skills

An exciting future is waiting for you at MOTiV Research.

We are always seeking for people possessing passion to pursuit new ideas and solutions for mobile network communications. We buy diverse viewpoints and different ways of thinking. We want people who shine and face challenges and overcome theme. We consider applicants regardless of their gender or nationality.

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