RF Performance Benchmarking

In the RF performance benchmarking feature, MOON presents the quantified performance comparison between operators or RF layers.

  • RSRP
  • RSRQ
  • SINR
  • G-factor
  • Cell Load
  • DL Thrput
  • Best/Worst band

From the RF scanner data, cell load (PRB usage, %) and potential downlink throughput are estimated as shown below.



The screenshot above the examples of quantified benchmarking between three different operators and also multiple RF layers. For individual measurement points of RF scanner data, the best performing operators or RF layers are highlighted on the map as well as its dominance ratio.

The overall benchmarking dashboard is also presented to give nutshell grasp of different operators’ network performance on the tested area.



MOON also provides the aggregated PRB availability and downlink throughput for the CA (Carrier Aggregation). The activation condition of CA is user defined so that various CA activation conditions such as RSRQ or SINR thresholds at the Scell can be manipulated.