Mobile Network Performance Engineer

Job description

Network Performance Engineers are expected to have theoretical knowledge of RF propagation characteristics and basic wireless communication system. You must feel comfortable seeking the clues of solutions from the theory books as well as 3GPP. You will also analyze the signaling protocols of the field measurement data and organize your findings to shape the reliable outcomes. Good communication and presentation skills are required as engineers to assist customers and project team. You will be challenged to achieve aggressive goals and must possess a strong passion to deliver the qualified outputs to our customers.


  • Performance field measurement and surveys to capture the network performance issues from the end user perspective.
  • Analyze the network measurement data and support expert engineers finding the solutions to improve the network performances.
  • Create and/or support project report materials.
  • Research the 3GPP and wireless communication technical documents (and books) to improve analysis skill level.
  • Support project managers and peer engineers to achieve the project goals and satisfy customer’s demands in terms of network quality improvement.


  • Over 3 years of network design and optimization experience.
  • Bachelors or higher degree in Electrical Engineering, with specific coursework in areas of RF Engineering, RF propagation, or similar disciplines.
  • Systems engineering knowledge and analytical skills, including familiarity with 3GPP standard.
  • Strong MapInfo and MapBasic skills.
  • Proficiency with MS Excel and MS Access. Knowledge of SQL and Visual Basic is a plus.