Analytic Benchmarking

MOON’s analytic benchmarking feature estimates the traffic loads at individual LTE cells via simplified drive test equipment – LTE scanner and UE with very simple test configuration such as ping test. The RF scanner measures multiple RF layers simultaneously as much as the RF scanner’s capability is allowed so that MOON’s analytic benchmarking feature can remarkably reduce the complexity of test procedures and the data processing. In addition, the analytic benchmarking feature provides automatic root cause analysis which is not possible with a conventional benchmarking system.

The functional entities of MOON’s analytic benchmarking are structured in three bodies.

  • Estimation of Cell load or utilization ratio of PRB (Physical Resource Block)
  • Estimation of the maximum achievable throughput in downlink
  • Automatic categorization of low throughput


MOON’ analytic benchmarking feature guides the users to go through three steps to create the analytic benchmarking report using the LTE RF scanner data. The procedure and user interface is intuitive so that the end user can create the analytic benchmarking report straightforwardly.